steak and bj taylor stevens

Every March 14th the world celebrates men! Valentine’s day is a celebration for women. Men gives them flowers, gifts, chocolates. Do mean want that? Nope! Men only want a steak and blowjob. Contrary to February 14th, March 14th is the Steak and Blowjob day. A holiday not recognized by governments but appreciated by men. In… Read more »

lisa ann basketball ass

Lisa Ann was in porn for many years, but her claim to fame came when she starred in the porn parody “Who’s Nailin’ Palin?”. On screen pornstar Lisa Ann was an avid cock-sucker; however, off screen she is an avid basketball fan and a very mature -no pun internded- lady. As a fan she witnessed how… Read more »

Donald trump porn

A few days ago a political survey, but this one was just no another survey made by CNN, Fox or a newspaper, it was Pornhub presidential election survey. While you may think that it was no a serious survey or it was focused on if we believe that Donald Trump has a big dick as he… Read more »